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Leyla Milani

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A Non-Loss Would Be Nice – When you’re watching the Packers of recent years, you expect the win.  When watching the Brewers of recent of weeks, you expect the loss.  During the course of 162 games there are going to be bad stretches but wow, this stretch for the Brewers is more than bad. I guess if you’re going to say anything, the Brewers on occasion make the games interesting by occasionally rallying to get close but ultimately don’t seal the deal. Yeah, I’m reaching for a bright spot but when you’re team is performing as bad as the Brewers are right now a fan will take anything positive possible.

We’ve come to the end of a short work week here as well as the end of the month of May.  Let’s all hope June will hold something better for the Brewers, of course with a series against the Phillies to start off with that may be a dubious request.  Have a great weekend & we’ll see you back here on Monday morning.

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