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Optimism Taking A Beating  – Let’s face it, it’s been pretty hard to be a Brewer’s fan in the month of May. Those of you have been reading in this space know when it comes to my sports teams I try to be an optimist but that way of thinking is being put to the test of late with this Brewers team. At the beginning of the season, I thought many weren’t giving the young starting rotation enough credit. Guess it turns out I was just giving them too much credit & even the Brewers potentially potent offense sputters when needed or just can’t make up for a starting rotation that can’t pitch more than 5 innings consistently. After the 14 inning loss to the Twins on Tuesday, Ron Roenicke said “We’ll get it going, but this is tough.” Appreciate the positive attitude, but I’m not sure what’s available will be enough to get anything going.  So to paraphrase Roenicke here, I think unfortunately the motto for Brewers’ fans this year may just turn into “We’ll keep watching, but this is tough.”

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