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Larisa Fraser

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Curious Stance – Sam Shields was offered a one year tender that would pay him $2.023 million this coming year. It would appear as though Shields doesn’t think that’s enough as he has yet to make an appearance at the Packers’ OTA’s as of yet.  Now, I’m not going to get in as to whether Shields is worth that or not or if he should feel entitled to more, I can’t even begin to fathom being in his shoes from that stand point.  What I do find curious though is there’s a lot of talent in the Packers’ cornerback corps.  Casey Hayward had a breakout year, Davon House although hampered by injury showed potential & then there’s rookie Micah Hyde in the mix too.  By missing this time, Shields is jeopardizing his chance at a starting spot, not to mention any chance that the Packers’ try to extend him for more than the tender offer if he shows he’s worth it.  If this was a situation where the cornerback depth was really, truly hurting I could see where Shields may have some leverage in holding out.  That isn’t the case here & think Shields is doing himself more harm than good by trying to make this statement.

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