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The Brewers were able to hand Zach Greinke his first loss ever at Miller Park last night, Brewers 5, Dodgers 2: Greinke gets the L .

The Brewers Bar is Talkin’ to Myself about the Brewers .

One of the big questions this year, Green Bay Packers safety: Who will be ‘the one’?

Here are some  Quick Takes from Week 1 of Packers OTAs .

All Green Bay Packers asks Who Will Be The Biggest Addition to the 2013 Green Bay Packers?

NBA Draft isn’t as exciting as the NFL Draft, but it’s something I guess, Bucks To Hold First Pre-Draft Workout .

The Wisconsin Badgers Sports Fan on Why History Doesn’t Favor J.J. Watt | NFL Injuries Can Slow Down The Best Of Pass Rushers .

Yes, the ‘Crew makes this list of 9 MLB Teams That Should Already Call It Quits .

But at least Miller Park isn’t listed here, More Hilariously Negative Yelp Reviews of Stadiums, Arenas and Golf Courses .

These are always amusing, 18 Photos Taken at Just the Right Angle .

I don’t remember these from the unveil, 15 Things Xbox One Does That They Didn’t Tell You .

My guess is yes, Is The 7-Minute Workout Too Good To Be True?

This really should happen, 5 Reasons Everyone Should Work in the Service Industry at Least Once In Their Life .

This is all kinds of great nerdy awesomeness, Death Star vs. Enterprise .

It’s Not Real Football, But It’s Still Football – The Packers have started their Organized Team Activities & while it’s a far cry from actually football….hell, it’s a far cry from Training Camp, it was still nice to hear about Packers’ players doing actual Packers’ football stuff. Especially with the Brewers playing the way they are, reading about Mike Neal playing some at OLB (huh?), Datone Jones getting in a scuffle with Bulaga or even just an honest to goodness McCarthy presser is just what the Doctor ordered.  It’s a long way till even Training Camp, but the OTAs are at least the beginning of the start of the new season so we’ll all gladly take them.  Now, if only the Brewers could get on track so there was more than a glorified practice to get excited about. That would be just swell.

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