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Not really, but I do now, Ever Want to Know What It’s Like to Be Eaten by a Grizzly Bear?

I Can Think Of One Move To Start   – To say this Brewer’s season has been somewhat underwhelming would be an understatement.  When the runs are being made it seems like the pitching is giving them up & when the pitching is solid there’s no run production.  The team is sitting in the lower half of the division & it’s got me wondering whether or not they can climb out of that position. Even with the really young starting rotation, I think the bats should be able to keep the team in most games. I do think it’s time for a change at second base though, whether that’s Betancourt, Bianchi or calling up Gannett I just don’t think you can allow a slumping Rickie Weeks to stay in the starting line-up. I’m not blaming Weeks for the record of the team, but he’s not helping so making that move could be the spark needed to start turning things around. Will we see that?  Only Roenicke knows but you would have to think for the good of the team & the season it’s something he should be thinking about.

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