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It’s The Right Thing To Do – Two weekends ago, St. Louis finished up a 4 game sweep of the Brewers at Miller Park.  This weekend the Brewers will be playing in Busch Stadium & I think it’s only fair that the Brewers sweep the Cardinals at home to even things out.  Will that happen?  Well, most likely not because much to my chagrin the Cardinals are a pretty good baseball team and the Brewers, well let’s say the jury is still out.  There’s a reason they play the games though so anything is possible.  As sweet as a sweep would be, I’d be just as happy with a simple series win to round out this less than stellar road trip. Of course, it’s also just as likely that come Sunday we’ll all be just hoping for a win to avoid getting swept again.

With those hopeful thoughts, we come to the end of another week here.  Have a tremendous weekend & we’ll see you back here Monday morning.

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