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It’s In The Job Description I Suppose – When Mark Murphy was hired to be president of the Packers’ organization, I’ll admit to scratching my head about the choice but since then have warmed up to him & think he does a pretty great job.  Part of that job I suppose is always wearing a happy face, which I think was evident in this piece when Murphy said he expects Favre to join a Tailgate Tour at some point.  While my attitude towards Favre has softened in the past few years, there’s still some lingering animosity so the idea of him on a Tailgate Tours seems a little farfetched in a few ways.  What I respect about Murphy though is when it comes to this topic is he’s always seemed to be the guy holding the door open for a return to the family for the wayward son, even when Favre has been less then kind to the Packers organization.  Maybe Murphy’s just putting on a good show for welcoming back Favre, but I actually tend to think he genuinely wants to bury that hatchet for the good of the Packers organization, which in more ways than one makes him a bigger man than I.

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