This week’s Daybreak Doppler Dames theme is LFL 2013.


Omaha Heart – Lindsay Burgnham

The Brew Crew Project has your two game Series Recap: Crew splits with Rangers, concludes disappointing homestand .

The Brewers Bar on Feeling Down in the Count: Which Brewers Hitters Are Falling Behind?

Lombardi Ave has some Packers’ Unsung Heroes.

Looking at the Packers’ Outside Linebackers post-draft.

Brew Hoops is looking ahead, NBA Draft 2013: Mock drafts peg Bucks with three interesting prospects.

Bucky’s 5th Quarter has your Badgers’ Recruiting Update .

More resume material for Tony Bennett, Wisconsin gets rematch with Virginia in B1G/ACC Challenge .

MUBB is really going to miss Blue, Top 2012-13 Performances: No. 1 Vander Blue vs. Butler .

Recall a couple of these, The 23 Most Ill-Conceived Athlete Endorsements of All-Time .

This is pretty good, Kliff Kingsbury leaves Texas Tech players funny note before break .

Why would anyone ever think of creating this, Meet Señor Testiculo, The World’s First Testicular Cancer Mascot .

I never realized he sat down like that so much, Have You Ever Noticed the Unique Way Commander Riker Sits Down?

Well played indeed, Robin Williams Burns Kim Kardashian Gloriously With A Single Tweet .

These are always worth the time, Between Two Ferns With James Franco .

I’m Not Proud But I’ll Take The Points – This has been bothering me for a while, but I feel it’s time to come clean on it.  I of my own free will picked up & am starting Yuniesky Betancourt on my Fantasy Baseball team.  I know, I’m not proud but I had no choice & so far it’s really worked out well for me.  Listen, I needed a player to fill second base for me and it was either pick up and use the guy who is in the Top 10 in the NL for both HRs & RBI’s or keep using Dan Uggla who had been under-performing early on in the season. Plus Betancourt has eligibility at all three bases too so I thought he may be a good insurance policy should one of my other starters go down or start to suck, like Brett Lawrie for example.  I figure if the Brewers continue to ride the hot bat of Betancourt, I may as well too for now.  I don’t know how much longer this will last, but it’s been a magical and dumb founding ride. I’m just happy to get it all off my chest, thanks for listening.

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