This week’s Daybreak Doppler Dames theme is LFL 2013.


Jacksonville Breeze – Adrian Purnell

Not a good weekend at Miller Park, Brewers 1, Cardinals 10: Don’t read this, you have better things to do.

Ain’t this the truth, Brewers Sure Don’t Match Up Well Against St. Louis.

I like this move, Bryan Bulaga ‘excited’ about new opportunity .

ACME Packing Company’s Packers Post-Draft Positional Review: Tight End .

Behind the Buck Pass looks in On the Likeliest Choice for the Bucks’ Head Coaching Job .

One more recruit in, Wisconsin adds final piece to 2013 football class .

Anonymous Eagle’s 2012-13 Player Review of #54 Davante Gardner .

Isn’t this sweet, Could this be the lamest baseball jersey foul in history?

I’m a big nerd so this link is self-indulgent, 10 Most Extraordinary Androids In Science Fiction .

Yeah, been there done that, 4 Awkward Situations that Always Make You Look Like a Dick .

A gallery of  Miami Heat Fans Representing the Seven Deadly Sins.

Some help for this upcoming holiday, 15 Creative Gifts for Mother’s Day .

Owned By The Cardinals – Last week I wrote about how the Brewers seemingly own Pittsburgh, always being able to beat them.  In the span of a few short days that was entirely flipped around as the Cardinals came to Miller Park and swept the four game series that started on Thursday.  Nothing seemed to go right for the ‘Crew as St. Louis had an answer for everything the Brewers threw at them.  It’s just one series out of many in the season, but still disheartening to say the least.  The Brewers have the day of today so they can lick their wounds and hopefully get back on track against the Rangers starting tomorrow.

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