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Let’s See What We Have Here – One position which the Packers didn’t address in the draft is that of Safety.  Now, common sense would dictate that Ted Thompson & Mike McCarthy are better talent evaluators than fans because, you know, it’s their job.  Obviously they have faith in McMillian &/or Jennings opposite Burnett this season. That of course doesn’t keep some Packers fans from clamoring for the team to bring back Charles Woodson.  So let’s take a look at the pros & cons of bringing Charles Woodson back:

Pros: Leadership, um…

Cons: Can’t cover like he used to, not an every down player anymore, has definitely lost a step & would take time away from developing players.

The thought of having Charles Woodson back in the Green & Gold is nice from a sentimental standpoint but from a football standpoint I just don’ think it makes a lot of sense for this team at this time.  Last year the Packers kept Donald Driver mostly because had they not it would’ve been a PR nightmare after the DWTS win & Driver is a huge fan favorite. You only need to look at the end of the season to realize that the decision to keep Driver around was a sentimental (and face saving) one.  I don’t expect the Packers to take that route this time around & as much as part of me will miss seeing Woodson suit up every Sunday for the Packers, the decision to not bring him back is the right one.

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  • J.

    I (so) agree…there’s a reason (we) let him Go & a reason No team has made him an offer. I think the Pack is actually bttr w/out him i.e.- last season. Sorry Charles its time 2 hang up those was, 2 be honest, time 2 hang it up after the SB45 win. I like him & all, but he’s More of a Liability anymore..his middle name Now & over the last few yrs should be ..Charles ” Pass Interference ” Woodson. :(
    – Go Pack Go !!!