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Lauren Thompson

It had to end at some point & it did last night as the Brewers lost to the Padres 2-1 .

The Book of Gorman looks into  The Curious Case of John Axford .

Green Bay Packer Nation on Drafting for the Packers’ Future .

ACME Packing Company with the Packers Team Needs Before Thursday’s First Round .

All Green Bay Packers has some defensive targets for the Packers in the NFL Draft .

At least in the top 10, Larry Sanders finishes 7th in Defensive Player of the Year voting .

This will sound homerish, but I wish the Packers would end up with Ball, So You Drafted a Badger? Montee Ball Edition .

Paint Touches is looking back at the Top 2012-13 Marquette Performances: No. 10 Trent Lockett vs. Miami .

Looking back at The Top 10 Sort-of-Okay NFL Draft Picks Since 2000 .

For any NFL GM’s that may be reading, How Not to Win the 2013 NFL Draft .

This is pretty cool, Fascinating Police Wanted Ad From 1888 .

Here’s some help on How To React To Gwyneth Paltrow Being Named The World’s Most Beautiful Woman By People .

This would be awkward, People in Iceland have been accidentally having sex with their own relatives. It’s such a problem that they invented this app for it .

And here I thought Lumberjack would’ve been higher, It’s Official: The Best & Worst Jobs Ranked .

May Not Be One – The Packers hold the 26 th pick in this year’s draft which begins tonight.  In spending way too much time in looking through mock drafts and what not some of the likely suspects you see the Packers using that pick on are Offensive Tackle Menelik Watson, Defensive End Datone Jones or should he fall Safety Jonathan Cyprien.  Looking at those three names I wouldn’t be unhappy with anyone of them as the newest Packer at that point in the draft, especially if Cyprien was there.  However, for whatever reason I think this will be a year we see Thompson trade out of the first round together.  Everyone has heard & knows this is a pretty deep draft with talent which can be found in the later rounds, which makes it sound like the kind of draft Thompson will want maximum picks for so may very well use his first rounder in a trade to get them.  Of course, who knows how the draft will fall which will ultimately help make Thompson’s decision for him & most likely still leaving us all scratching our heads no matter what he does.

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