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Examining some of TV’s Most Unlikely Spin-Offs .

These 8 Simple Rules For Commenting On The Internet all make way too much sense ever to be followed.

I’d have to be pretty hungry to try this, Ramen Sandwich .

Here you go Arrested Development fans, Check Out These Nine New Posters for “Arrested Development” .

This is pretty cool, Jaws Ship in a Bottle .

Off That Train – If you look at the above link where the list of draft picks from a lot of sources is shown, you’ll easily see the name Tyler Eifert jump out at you a couple of times.  For a while earlier I was actually behind that pick, but most of my reasoning there was when I thought the Packers may let Jermichael Finley walk.  Now that Finley is staying & the Packers have found a blocking tight end to take the place of Crabtree spending that pick on a tight end doesn’t make any sense to me.  While I said I was off the ‘tight end train’, I’m still very much on the Eddie Lacy train & the if Packers choose to go in a different direction I hope it’s on the D-Line.  I’m even intrigued by the possibility of picking up one of those top safeties should they be there.  The safey position along with running back & defensive line  are genuine areas of need, tight end simply isn’t any more.

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