This week’s Daybreak Doppler Dames theme is Women Named April.


April Rose

Getting you ready for the weekend, Series Preview Arizona Diamondbacks (2-1) Vs. Milwaukee Brewers (1-2) .

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Um… Gio Gonzalez with quote of the year candidate: “I felt like I was making love to my hand” .

We all gotta have goals I guess, Sigh: Ryan Lochte aiming high, says he wants to be the next Kim Kardashian .

Don’t see how any defense of Tony Romo wouldn’t be funny, Presenting A Hilariously Sad Defense Of Tony Romo .

On the heels of Mike Rice getting canned from Rutgers, 5 Sports coaches who got fired for doing something stupid .

Because when you think of romance & dating, why wouldn’t you think of Spock? 9 Things Spock Would Say About Dating .

This is just great, If Game Of Thrones took place entirely on Facebook: Season 3, Episode 1 .

Well this is just some good, clean, wholesome fun: These people made a full-sized ball pit in their living room .

159 To Go – Yes, the first series of the 2013 Brewers campaign was less than stellar, no way around that. Yes, it’s troublesome that the Brewers starters thus far haven’t made it much past the 5 th inning in these opening games.  True, it’s worrisome that John Axford already has one blown save & has given up as many home runs as the entire Brewers offense have hit. That all being said, it is waaaaay too early to be writing anything off.  We’re all happy to have baseball back & the Brewers playing but I think most of us are also pretty realistic about this team’s chances this year. In the predictions we put out last week, I pegged the Brewers as a slightly above .500 team & I think they still are that.  You’re not going to win every series, much less every game so I for one haven’t even grabbed the towel yet to contemplate throwing it in.  I’m confident the offense will pick up & the pitching will settle down.  I’m also confident that this team most likely won’t be a playoff team, but that won’t stop my enjoyment of watching & listening to them as much as I can.

So on that uplifting note, we’ll tie a bow on another week here.  The Diamondbacks come to Miller Park for the first weekend series of the year & there’s also the Final Four to look forward to on Saturday.  Enjoy the weekend & we’ll see you back here Monday morning.

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