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April Florio

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Some (Best Guess) Projections – I was reading this piece by Ty Dunne on Montee Ball & I got to thinking about where he could go in the upcoming NFL Draft, as well as a couple of his teammates.  When you look at Badgers in the upcoming NFL Draft you most likely think about the ‘Big 3’ of Travis Frederick, Montee Ball & Ricky Wagner.  Looking at those three, I see Frederick as a fringe first rounder but more likely a high to medium second round pick.  A lot of where Frederick will get drafted has to be where he projects to play in the NFL.  While Frederick was the Badgers’ Center, pretty much everything I’ve read has him moving to Guard at that next level.  That being said, whether it’s at Center or Guard I still think where I have him slotted is realistic.  I see Montee Ball as a solid third rounder & would love to see the Packers go with Ball in that round if they don’t choose a running back in the first or second round.  In saying that, it’s only half being a homer as I think Ball would be a good find for the Packers, especially in that spot in the draft, but not any higher.  You can read the article on Ball as I think it’s spot on as to what he’ll do , how he’ll be used & play once in the NFL.  Ricky Wagner will fall farther than his two compatriots, most likely in the 5-6 round area.  Wagner is a solid player who I think will be a contributor to an NFL team, but most likely as a substitute & only see starting time due to injury on the first team.

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