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Still Better Than Expected – The Badgers’ early exit from this year’s tournament was a gut punch, no doubt about that, but all things considered you can’t be too disappointed with this season.  Back in November & early December there were many, myself included, that seriously thought this may be the year where Wisconsin doesn’t even make it to the tournament. The season hadn’t even started when Josh Gasser was injured & missed the entire season, something which at the time had a lot of fans throwing in the towel already.  However, Bo Ryan did what Bo Ryan does, he made adjustments & got the most from the players that had to fill in & at times the Badgers looked like world beaters.  At other times though the team just looked horribly flat & that inconsistency pretty much sums up the season. Wisconsin was a team which really didn’t have any true super stars but yet were able to keep themselves in it from the most part.  I think it’s foolish for people to be calling for Ryan’s job based on the team’s performance this year no matter what happened on Friday.  Without Ryan at the helm pretty sure the Badgers wouldn’t have even been playing.  Looking forward, things look brighter for next year & after that too.  Sam Dekker is a superstar in the making, Josh Gasser will be back & the 2013 recruiting class which includes Bronson Koenig is strong as well.  I think you’ll see a very different team next year & one which will live up to our expectations, perhaps even some of the unrealistic ones.

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