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Obviously the big Brewers news yesterday was this, Mark Attanasio signs Kyle Lohse to three-year deal .

Definitely agree with the last part of this title, Today in Rationalizing: The Lohse signing isn’t good, but it’s no Suppan .

I’m sure this is how it all went down, Brewers sign Kyle Lohse; a novella .

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I don’t see Werner being around at 26 & is won’t be the pick, Packers Mock Draft Roundup: Bjoern Werner Projected to Green Ba y.

Nothing too surprising here, The Results are In: The Packers “Sweet Sixteen” Best Players .

Not surprised at all by this, The verdict is in: Jermichael Finley officially paid roster bonus.

This is pretty impressive, See Why They Call this Fat Guy the “Welsh Maradona” .

I could see this becoming true, Report: You’ll Probably Start Hating FGCU If They’re Still Successful 5 Years from Now .

Creative work here, Homeless man’s cardboard Facebook page is more entertaining than all of Facebook .

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Less than a week left! Everything We Know About ‘Game of Thrones’ Season 3 So Far .

Mixed Feelings Here – Mixed Feelings Here – Yesterday the Brewers signed former Cardinals pitcher Kyle Lohse to a 3 year/$33 million contract to shore up a young starting rotation.  Not entirely sure how I feel about this move quite yet.  True, I think it does make the Brewers pitching staff better but I’m not sure at what cost.  The Brewers will be giving up their first round draft pick to get this done & while Lohse had a really good year last year he is 34 & I’m just not sure whether he’s got more than 2 years left in the tank.  It would be easy to peg this move as Suppan 2.0 but Lohse is a better pitcher overall so I don’t think that’s a fair comparison beyond that they both came from St. Louis.  You figure the odd man out now will be Fiers, which may not be a bad thing as Brewers could then use him in the bullpen & also for spot starts when needed but I’m guessing the more likely destination will be Nashville. We’ll see how this pans out for the Brewers. I’m not sure if this move is enough to make them a playoff caliber team but for right now I guess it doesn’t hurt. Still a possibility it could end up hurting though, how much & when is yet to be determined.

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