This week’s Daybreak Doppler Dames theme is Women from The Great White North.


Sarah Mutch

Paint Touches isn’t being too positive here, History says 3-point shooting will end Marquette early .

Anonymous Eagle helps you Get To Know Davidson .

The Wisconsin Sports Blogs previews what the Badgers need to do in the NCAA Tournament .

Behind the Buck Pass on Monta Ellis, J.J. Redick, Scoring in the Paint, and the Perception of Being Small .

The Bucks got a win last night, beating the Trail Blazers 102-95 .

Hey look at that, a Milwaukee Spring Training win, Brewers 6, Angels 1: Look at that sexy pitching .

Disciples of Uecker is previewing the upcoming season & Milwaukee Brewers Situational Baseball .

Lombardi Ave looks at how Mike McCarthy is tweaking the Packers training schedule .

This can’t be legit, right? I mean, look at that thing. Bizarre: Golf Channel testing out something called the Hover Fly Aerial Camera .

You’d think people would know better by now, College Athletes Who Got In Trouble Using Twitter .

This wouldn’t really surprise me, New TV Series “The NFL Bachelorette” Features Woman Choosing Husband From 30 NFL Head Coaches .

You can never have too many brackets to fill out, 10 March Madness Tournaments (other than Basketball) for 2013 .

This is great, Waitress goes out of way to piss off the kitchen staff making her a burger .

I drink quite a bit of coffee but can’t imagine ever wanting to try this, Need An Extra Jolt? Pour Yourself A Cup Of Death Wish Coffee!

What Do The Experts Know – If you peruse around the ‘expert’ picks for the upcoming NCAA Tournament you’ll see something of a recurring theme.  That theme would be #14 Davidson upsetting #3 Marquette in the first round (sorry, I refuse to call the play in games the first round) . By all accounts, Davidson would seem to match up well with the Golden Eagles but I think this is one trendy pick I won’t be following.  Perhaps people are making too much of Marquette’s early exist from the Big East Tournament or maybe they’re giving Davidson too much credit. Buzz Williams has done a terrific job with this team this year & really should’ve been Big East Coach of the Year in my opinion.  It’ll be Williams’ ability to get the most out of this team, a group which has surpassed expectations all year, which will lead to a win against Davidson & advancement to the next round.

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