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Same But Entirely Different – This past weekend was a tough one for Packers’ fans. First we learned that Greg Jennings signed with the Vikings on Friday & then later that night (or the next morning for some of us) we found out Tom Crabtree was leaving for Tampa.  I can’t blame either player for leaving, the opportunities for both of them from a financial standpoint were quite simply better.  What I was a little surprised at were the separate reactions to the two departures. With Jennings there was much gnashing of teeth, accusations of being greedy, feelings of betrayal & downright anger lobbied at the former Packer.  With Crabtree it was much more a case of remorse & sadness with the majority of the sentiment being well wishes to the new Buccaneer. Perhaps most of the vitriol aimed at Jennings was because he went to Minnesota & I understand that but question whether the response would’ve been the same or at least similar no matter where Jennings went.

In talking to Kyle ‘The Mayor’ Cousineau about that very thing this weekend, the situations were basically pretty much the same but the reaction completely different. It’s not that surprising though when you think of it & it boils down to how each player interacted with their fans, specifically on Twitter & social media in general.  Jennings took the ‘standard’ path of random re-tweeting upon request as well as spreading his brand of inspirational messages.  Crabtree on the other end genuinely interacted with the fans, engaging them in a way most pro athletes don’t.  Both players will be missed for their on the field roles, more so Jennings in that regard perhaps but in the collective consciousness of a lot of Packers fans it’ll be Crabtree’s departure that has & will leave a bigger hole.

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