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Keeley Hazel

Madtown Badgers previews today’s Badgers’ Big Ten Conference Tournament game .

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Looking a Fantasy Baseball Shortstop targets .

This is actually plausible, Wes Welker Signs With Broncos As Part Of Elaborate Bill Belichick Plot To Steal Denver’s Signals .

Gotta love him, RG3 photobombing Ken Starr? RG3 photobombing Ken Starr .

Some of these may be valid, 7 Ways Technology Is Ruining Our Lives .

How very thoughtful, Generous Michigan Sixth-Grader Brings $20,000 in Cash to School, Shows She Understands Concept of Sharing .

Possibly the best thing ever… Brace Yourselves: Game of Thrones BEER Is Coming .

Precursor to the Big Dance –  Big weekend for college hoops.  Pretty much all the major conferences are playing their tournaments & then Sunday (which is also St. Patrick’s Day so that’ll be fun) is Selection Sunday.  Obviously our two primary in-state teams will make it in, but just where will they be seeded & where will they be playing? Marquette didn’t do much to help their cause after getting beat last night & exiting the Big East Tournament early but I see them as a 4 seed.  Although the MU loss is disappointing & think with they’re body of work during the regular season it shouldn’t hurt them too much. Wisconsin I’m not as positive about with their recent play.  As of right now I would put them as a 5 or 6 seed & if they perform well in the Big Ten tournament a solid 5 seed, maybe a 4 if they should win the whole thing.  Alternatively, if UW gets bumped right away?  I wouldn’t be shocked with a 7, but maybe I’m being a bit pessimistic there. I’m not even about to guess in what regions either team will end up though.

That’s a wrap for another week here. Enjoy your weekend, have fun watching all the college basketball this weekend & of course your Selection Sunday/St. Patrick’s Day festivities. Erin Go Braugh!  We’ll see you back here Monday morning.

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