It became increasingly apparent over the past year that the Packers were ready to move on without talented wide receiver Greg Jennings. The very talent that Jennings has long displayed for the team was one of the reasons. He was going to be too expensive in an era where both QB1 and Clay Matthews needed to have their contracts extended. Jennings’ market value was high at the beginning of the season and both he and the Packers knew it.

The season itself was disappointing. I’ve always enjoyed Jennings’ play, his personality and professionalism. He continued to exhibit the last two, but due to an injury that took far longer to heal than any of us wanted (him included, I’m sure) his play was interrupted. He looked good at the end of the season, but missing all those games had to have hurt his market value, I thought.

Now, it’s starting to look like I was really right. No team until yesterday expressed any interest in Jennings, including the Packers. Of course, there are 12 million reasons the Packers aren’t interested in him – he still wants too much money. Of course, our neighbors to the west, the Packers wannabes Vikings as usual seem to want our sloppy seconds.

When Jennings made two comments on Twitter, ‘Hmmmmmm…’ and ‘Interesting…’, you would have thought Brett Favre redux was showing up on my timeline. The amount of emotion, vitriol and plain old nastiness that was shown was remarkable. Lord knows we are an emotional fanbase (some of us more so than others, I say proudly), but this seemed excessive. Especially when, for instance, compared to the beat down on his sister when she shot her mouth off during the season, which I felt was warranted.

Here’s the thing, kids. Greg Jennings is a professional football player looking at (perhaps) fewer playing years in front of him than what is behind him. His previous employer is not willing to compensate him at the level he has reason to believe he deserves (and after seeing Erik Walden’s contract, I think GJ’s got a point, because owners are smoking crack) and he wants to work. Fair enough. Would I like him to remain a Packer? Of course. His talent is undeniable, and when healthy he adds another formidable weapon to Aaron Rodgers’ arsenal. But in all likelihood, he’s not coming back, and in all likelihood he’ll wear purple next season.

Sometimes it’s a good thing to part ways with a veteran. From both a team perspective and a player perspective. Look at old what’s his face….that worked out great for the Packers, if not for #4 himself (as far as sticking it to Ted, for sure). Charles Woodson is an example of a win-win situation. He was thought to be washed up when the Packers wisely signed him, and during his years here he excelled and helped in a very large part to create the successful Super Bowl team in 2010.

Let’s calm down. Let’s not call him a traitor, ungrateful, or any of the other silly things I’ve seen people say. If he comes into Lambeau as a Viking next year, cheer for him to lose, but don’t boo him for moving on.

It’s his life.


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  • Paul Dier

    I think the fact that it is the Vikings, once again, is the reason that Packer fans may be up in a tizzy. This is like opening up an old scab, ala #4. Maybe not quite to the extent, but If it were any other team, I think Packer fans would be a little less up in arms. But it’s a business. I personally think Jennings’ career will fall flat if he signs with Minny. I have seen enough of Christian Ponder. He is not an NFL Star Qb

  • Anita

    Jennings would be more of a Longwell/Sharper situation if he went to the Vikings (if you can’t beat ‘em, sign their leftovers). The only way he’d be subject to the hostility that Favre was, is if he begins to burn bridges and make playing the Packers his own personal (and public) war and vendetta. Or, if Nicole and Valyncia show up in purple #85 jerseys with “Thanks Ted” stenciled on the back (Nicole, no, but Valyncia….she might do it).

    I don’t see RATIONAL Packer fans acting that horribly if he goes. They SHOULDN’T. There will be rivalry and snark, and sarcastic comments about his new team, but unless Jennings pulls a Favre, I can’t see what good outright hostility directed towards him does. On his end, he wants to get into acting, endorcements and/or broadcasting, later on. Burning bridges and being seen as a douchebag tarnishes that image and earning potential. I think Jennings is smart enough to see that. He wants to be a popular pitch man, not T.O. or Ocho Cinco or Randy Moss.

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