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Probably Not, But You Never Know – While up at my folks’ place this weekend, my Dad & I had a conversation about the Packers, the NFL Draft & Free Agents on the way into the dump Saturday (not a metaphor, when you live out in the woods the weekly trip to the township dump is a fact of life).  During this discussion we eventually got to the topic of Steven Jackson.  By now, you’ve all heard that Jackson has said he wants to go to a team with a strong fan base & a chance to win.  Sound like any team you know?  Yes, we all know that Jackson will be 30 & has a ton of mileage & carries.  I’ve heard it said that Cedric Benson would be better to resign because even though the same age, has less yards racked up on his body.  To that, I say Jackson’s simply a much better player than Benson so that argument’s moot. We also found out that Peyton Hillis will be visiting the Packers but again, Jackson’s the better player & really do we need another John Kuhn? We already have a John Kuhn & we like him just fine.

I think getting Jackson in here would definitely be a boon to the running game & any age/mileage concerns would be mitigated because the Packers are & always will be (for the foreseeable future) a pass first team.  Overall, no matter how we was used Steven Jackson would make the Packers a better football team offensively.  So let’s say there’s interest from both parties now that free agency is in full swing. We all know Thompson won’t offer a big contract for an aging running back, even one of Jackson’s caliber. So the real question is would Jackson be willing to take a lower offer from the Green Bay than a higher offer from another team which may not be in contention? Jackson’s said he wants to win, we’ll see how much that desire matters once the contract numbers start flying & if Green Bay is in the mix.

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