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Betty Nguyen (CBS News)

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Ed. Note: Today I’ll be sharing my reasoning why the Packers should part ways with Jermichael Finley. Tomorrow, Kyle ‘The Mayor’ Cousineau will be presenting his case on why Finley should stay.

Point – I’ve been back and forth in my mind on this topic but have come to a firm decision now, the Packers should part ways with Jermichael Finley.  Throughout his time in Green Bay we’ve heard about Finley’s potential but frankly I don’t feel that potential has ever really materialized. Perhaps so much was made of Finley’s potential that it could never, ever be met but at this point I don’t think the Packers should wait around anymore.  Yes, there have been more than a couple instances this past year where Finley’s words/actions off the field have rankled fans and, if rumors are to be believed, the Packers coaching staff as well.  That being said, my reasoning for parting ways with Finley don’t have as much to do with the off the field stuff but rather his average play on the field & he’s also on the last year of his contract.  Finley is going to want a huge contract which I don’t think is deserved nor will he get from the Packers & we already know Finley won’t play for less money than he thinks he’s worth.  The Packers should shop him now, see what they can get in the way of picks for the upcoming draft & then target either Zach Ertz or Tyler Eifert to replace him.  To keep Finley around for another year just because of what he may do isn’t worth it & really, it’s just time for both parties to move on.

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  • Harland O. Dog

    I have a theory about ’88′. Packers fans have been been enamored of Finley’s “potential” for so long (based largely on one breakout performance in a playoff game 3 years ago) that once he begins to demonstrate even average play they’re ready to believe anew that he’s finally ready to fulfill his ‘destiny’.

    At this point, Finley probably remains their best Tight End, but not by so much that he justifies an $8+ million cap figure for next year; especially once you factor in the upcoming contract extensions for Aaron Rodgers and Clay Matthews.