This week’s Daybreak Doppler Dames theme is Women From Survivor with Non-Survivor Photos.


Rachelle Leah

The Brewers got in the W column yesterday, Beating White Sox 4-3 .

Brew Hoop on Monta Ellis, Brandon Jennings, J.J. Redick and the new arithmetic of the Bucks .

For as much as I may rail on Evans, don’t like the sound of this at all, Report: UW’s Evans suffers knee injury .

I definitely think there’s a case to be made for this, Bo Ryan: Big Ten Coach of the Year?

Paint Touches is Looking back at Junior Cadougan’s top 5 games .

All Green Bay Packers has their 2013 Packers Position Group Analysis: Safety .

ACME Packing Company makes it easy for you with a Post Combine Mock Draft Round Up .

Lombardi Ave takes a look at The Alex Smith Trade and its Effect on the Green Bay Packers .

Glad these are all settled, 10 Great Sports Debate Questions … Answered Once and For All!

These are hidious, Adidas Wants You To Say Something About These Awful New College Basketball Jerseys, And It’s Working .

There’s something wrong with this, Now You Can Eat A Life-Size Gummy Version Of Yourself .

Good lord, Drunk guy likes getting arrested so much that he does it twice in one hour .

This is a bit surreal, Just Photos Of Dennis Rodman & Kim Jong-Un Hanging Out At A Basketball Game In North Korea .

If you think you’re having a bad day… 20 People Who Are Having a Really Bad Day .

Same as Preseason Football – Even with a win yesterday, the Brewers aren’t off to that great of a start in Spring Training but really, there’s no need to worry about it.  Besides the fact that it’s still very early Spring Training, putting any stock into these games as portent of what may come during the regular season is a waste of effort.  You have to approach these the same way you approach preseason football, it’s a chance to the get the body back in shape as well as being an extended tryout for many players.  The only thing I think is worth paying attention to right now for the Brewers is how their younger pitchers perform & who’s manning the rotating door at first base.  So while it’s fun to see some box scores again, they’re strictly for entertainment value only.

We’ve come to the end of another week here & also the beginning of a new month.  With that new month comes the inevitability of warmer temps along the way, college hoops conference tournaments & then of course the NCAA Tournament.  Have to say, March is a pretty good month.  Sports-wise, while Sunday is a little light, tomorrow is jammed packed as the Badgers play at noon, Marquette at 1pm then the Bucks in the evening. As an added bonus, Uecker & Block return to the airwaves as the WTMJ will be broadcasting the Brewers Spring Training game against the Angels at 2:00pm.  On that happy note, enjoy the weekend and see you back here Monday morning.

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