This week’s Daybreak Doppler Dames theme is Women From Survivor with Non-Survivor Photos.


Carrie Underwood

Monta Ellis was the hero last night, boosting the Bucks over the Rockets 110-107 .

In case you missed it, here is Ellis’ Game-Winning Shot Against the Rockets .

Thankfully Spring Training records don’t count for anything… Brewers Defeated by Royals, 3-2: Cactus League Title a Distant Afterthought .

Possibly the best headline ever, After a night of barhopping in Cedarburg, the Racing Italian Sausage is missing .

Thankfully, the Italian Sausage is safely back at home now .

Bucky’s 5th Quarter with some Badger Bracketology: A Somewhat Accurate Look at Where the Badgers are Going .

I’m so glad this guy is gone now, Bielema continues to show hypocrisy in offering UW commits .

Paint Touches looks at how MUBB’s Steve Taylor has become a Monster on the offensive glass .

Carriveau on how Elam, Thomas Will Have Packers Second-Guessing Size Requirements in Secondary .

All Green Bay Packers with their 2012 Green Bay Packers Evaluation and Report Card of Mike McCarthy .

I’m shocked, just shocked… Is Tom Crean instructing players to flop?

Oh to be a college mascot, I Don’t Know Why The Oregon Duck Is Parodying Ferris Bueller, But I Love It .

I think some of these hold true wherever you work, 8 Things Working At Disney World Taught Me About The Human Race .

It’s not forgetting if you never knew in the first place, 21 Words You Probably Forgot Are Short For Something .

She’s got skills, Alison Brie Sang A White Stripes Song With Draco Malfoy On Guitar .
That Time Of Year I Suppose – There have been multiple reports out there in the past weeks about how the Packers have or are getting ready to kick the tires on several Free Agents come mid-March. We’ve all the heard names like Chris Canty, Ricky Jean Francois & of course now Cullen Jenkins although that may just be mostly homer Twitter talk.  There is a part of me that would love to see Thompson break character, pursue & sign a quality free agent or two. This is especially so if we’re talking about someone like Canty who, while an injury risk, could definitely contribute to an area of need for the Packers which would allow Thompson to use the draft to address other areas.  Yesterday we even found out that Canty has a visit to Green Bay for next week, just to make us salivate a bit more about the possibility of signing him. Unfortunately I have been conditioned to realize that this will most likely not happen & any talk of Thompson going after & getting a proven free agent is just that…talk.

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