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Christine Arron

This sums it up, Redick’s dazzling debut tarnished by devastating Bucks loss .

Brew Hoop has more on the loss, Hawks 103, Bucks 102 Recap: New faces, same results as Milwaukee slide continues .

The Golden Eagles lost on Saturday & Paint Touches says they missed a golden opportunit y.

In Cactus League play,  Control Issues Crush Brewers In 7-4 Loss To Indians .

Interesting idea here, Could the Brewers use Martin Maldonado at first base?

Looking ahead to the draft & Ranking Packers Tight End Prospects .

I don’t see this happening, Jermichael Finley & A.J. Hawk: Why the Green Bay Packers must cut ties .

Didn’t think we’d see this, Report: Packers Still Considering Giving Franchise Tag to Greg Jennings .

Pretty much all down hill from here I would think, Game Winning Half Court Buzzer Beaters: Third Grader Edition .

Think I may have had one or two of these, 101 Vintage Lunch Boxes That Will Make You Want To Be A Kid Again .

These would have made it a bit more interesting, Here’s Some New Oscar Categories They Should Add This Year.

Nice try at least, 50 Cent and Erin Andrews Shared An Awkward Kiss at the Daytona 500 .

Awful nice of them, At Least Somebody Honored The Texas T-Rex’s Ass Cheeks .

Here are 6 Non-Actors Who Won Oscars for Their Acting .

Guess That Ship Hasn’t Sailed – As one of the links above says, it seems over the weekend the possibility of the Packers using the Franchise Tag on Greg Jennings is on the table now.  I was a little surprised to see that but thinking about it it’s not necessarily a bad idea.  The Packers, with the release of Woodson, have more cap space now to play with & it would be one way to keep Jennings around to perhaps work out an extension to keep him with the team.  Off the top of my head I don’t see another player the Packers would use the franchise tag on so this could be a good way to keep the receiver’s corp intact, especially if during the upcoming draft Ted & Company don’t want to use a pick on a wide out & let’s be honest, there are plenty of other positions that need more attention than wide receiver.

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