This week’s Daybreak Doppler Dames theme is Women From Survivor with Non-Survivor Photos.


Whitney Duncan – Survivor: South Pacific

Can’t complain about this, Wisconsin 69, Northwestern 41: Badgers Enjoy Another Rout After String of Heartstoppers .

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Can you blame them? Harlem, New York Residents Are None Too Pleased At Harlem Shake Meme .

Who Needs Drama? – Part of me had a feeling last night’s Badgers’ game against Northwestern could be a ‘trap’ game of sorts after throttling OSU this past Sunday.  Happily I wasn’t even close as Wisconsin handled the Wildcats easily & without much fuss at all. I’m not about to go as far as to say this team has finally hit their stride for the simple fact that sports are the only thing I’m superstitious about & don’t want to jinx anything.  That being said, if Wisconsin should be on the verge of getting things sorted out it sure is a good time to do it as we get close to the end of the regular season.  We have a layover of sorts as the Badgers don’t play again till next Tuesday but at least we have to solid wins to remember to tide us over until then.

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