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Rashida Jones – Comedy TV

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Proof that TV writers think we’ll believe anything,

I Was Right About The Close Game At Least  – Towards the end of the first half in last night’s Badgers game, Wisconsin was cruising with a 10 point lead and all was well.  Unfortunately, it was right around then when the familiar scoring drought showed up & the Gophers finished with an 8-0 run, down only two going into the half & a ton of momentum.  The second half was pretty even, although not very pretty,  throughout & it was a heads up defensive play by Mike Bruesewitz that gave the Badgers the ball back with 22 seconds & a 2 point lead.  It was then a not so much heads up play though when Bruesewitz was called for traveling on inbound which gave the Gophers the ball back which eventually led to points for Minnesota & another OT game. This OT game though ended up with a Badgers loss though.  This was a game the Badgers should’ve won, but you don’t always win the games you should’ve won & you don’t always lose the game you should lose. So we’ll lick our wounds, moan a little bit about it & move on to Sunday when Ohio State comes to Madison.

That’s a wrap for another week here, wish it was on a better note.  Have a great weekend & we’ll see you back here Monday morning.

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