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Let’s Hope For More – Sunday afternoon before the Super Bowl when the Badgers played Illinois we saw an aggressive Wisconsin team which for the first time in a long time was scoring points inside of the arc, something which has been sorely missed these past few weeks. The brightest surprise of the game was the play of Kaminsky now fully back from his eye injury. Bergerron got in foul trouble early in the second half so Kaminsky played quite a bit & proved he belonged out there.  I don’t expect to be seeing Kaminsky starting or anything, but now that he’s back he gives some much needed depth the front court. I’ve said all season so far that Wisconsin is relying too much on the three ball and when it’s not working they need to adjust & start taking shots inside. Perhaps Sunday was the beginning of a change & the start of a more balanced offense.  We’ll get to find out tonight when the pesky Hawkeyes come to Madison.

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