Shit Eatin' Grin

I was amazed to awake today to see the world still was spinning and people were still going about their business. After all, the seventh sign of the apocalypse occurred last night.

#4 and #12 shared a stage at the NFL Awards. Exchanged scripted lines. Smiled a bit awkwardly and shook hands. Sort of man hugged.

I was interested to see the reaction both at the time online (I was watching in a bar with the sound down and couldn’t hear the exchange itself until today, so didn’t have one myself) as well as how it evolved into this morning. The initial reviews were pretty favorable, that both men acquitted themselves fairly well and that Bert looked…well…kind of old. Since he’s still a couple of years younger than me, that one rankled a bit, but it was also true.

Today, most things I’ve seen a lot of sentiment that’s along the lines of… #4 proved he’s the great guy we all thought him to be until the day he donned purple, that #12 acted like a petulant child and it is so, so very good to see Bert make an effort to return to the fold and boy isn’t it great that he’s back? Oh, and don’t forget the ‘here’s how you should feel or you’re not a real fan’ thought process. On both sides. My fellow Angel Kelly, among others, delineated her thoughts more thoughtfully and fully than I ever could. Everyone has to write about Favre, don’t they?

I guess I do too. Since I have to have my two cents, here they are.

Color me cynical. On all accounts.

Despite my disavowment of Favre (and no, I really don’t hate him as much I appear to on Twitter) I appreciate his contributions to Packer history. I appreciate the high level of play, the Super Bowl, the fun we all had watching him and the memories. I also very well remember the ‘true fans’ comment, Greta Van Susteren, the ‘Thanks Ted’ jersey and all that nonsense as well as my happiness when Purple Judas threw that damned interception in the Saints game.

Despite my embracing Rodgers (and no, I really don’t love him as much as I appear to on Twitter), and appreciating his high level of play, the Super Bowl, and his classy handling of his transition into his current role, I also honestly believe we know Aaron as well as we knew his predecessor. Which is to say, we don’t. He’s very private, and a bit irritable when that privacy is punctured. He has a somewhat diva-ish reputation behind the scenes, warranted or not.

So, to me, seeing the two of them on the stage together didn’t mean much. It didn’t do much. It didn’t magically return #4 to that special place in my heart where he once resided and it didn’t make him a cynical bastard either, any more than I thought he was to begin with. It didn’t make me either think Aaron Rodgers is a spoiled brat or that he is the most magnanimous man in the world to mend fences with Favre.

It looked like a couple of guys who went through a publicly really awkward phase with each other making an effort in front of the cameras for some reason that remains unclear to me, but hopefully it was cloaked in only the best intentions for all involved. Including Packer fans. For what that’s worth.

All I care about is that the Green Bay Packers had one fantastic quarterback, followed by another one, and that the current occupant of the QB slot isn’t done winning Super Bowls.

Beyond that….nobody wins in this debate. And really, ultimately, it doesn’t matter.

Go Pack Go.


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