This week’s Daybreak Doppler Dames theme is Super Bowl Cheerleaders.



The Bucks came out flat last night against the Bulls, dropping one 104-88 .

I hate to say this, but Madtown Badgers is correct here saying Wisconsin is riding the Ryan Evans Roller Coaster .

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Could try these if you don’t want to get a regular test, Historical Methods of Detecting Pregnancy .

Time To Just Accept It – Watching this year’s Wisconsin Basketball team is pretty much an exercise in self-control.  I say that because this team can be rather maddening at times.  We’ve seen really good performances which then just get offset by real stinkers the next time the team takes the court.  The Big Ten is really strong this year, you just need to take a look at the Top 25 to see that & unfortunately the Badgers are having a year where really nothing seems to be clicking.  It’s been said more than a couple of times that this team just doesn’t have that go to guy to bail them out when others get in a funk. The best way I can think of to describe this team is that they really are the sum of their parts.  Unfortunately, all of those parts put together just are not a great basketball team. Whether it’s a shooting slumps, inexperience or the lack of a bat flying around the Kohl Center, this just may be the team we’ll have to get used to this season. A team with a 5 th place finish in The Big Ten,  a 12 or 13 seed come Tournament time & makes you want to throw stuff at the TV more often than not.

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