This week’s Daybreak Doppler Dames theme is Super Bowl Cheerleaders.



It looked good for awhile but ultimately ended bad as the Badgers Fall in Love with Threes, Fall to Buckeyes.

Madtown Badgers with more on Wisconsin’s loss, Second Half Drought Dooms UW in 58-49 loss to OSU .

The Bucks fared a little better though, with Brandon Jennings leading Milwaukee past Detroit last night .

Disciples of Uecker is Previewing Previews: The NL Central Stays Put .

A familiar face back with Milwaukee, Brewers Agree Again With Gonzalez .

Paint Touches on how Marquette’s Vander Blue completes his leadership & offensive transformation .

Brian at CHTV looks at how the  Packers Lacking Playmakers at Linebacker, Unlike 49ers .

No way I see this happening, but Lombardi Ave on the Packers Trading for Darrelle Revis .

Some may find this helpful, A Guide To NBA Playoff Hand Signals For Intangible Emotional Violations .

I found this actually pretty interesting, A Map of NFL Fandom … As Determined By Facebook Likes .

Err…so jettison Revis but do this? The New York Jets, The Gift That Keeps On Giving, Had A Conversation About Bringing In JaMarcus Russell .

I can’t even think of anything to say about this… The University Of Minnesota Is Teaching Female Students How To Have Orgasms Now .

I’ll be trying this just based on principle, Dan Patrick releasing Audible Ale with Redhook Brewing .

Make sure to prepare one of these Football-shaped Foods for Your Super Bowl Party .

Tale of Two Halve s – You had to be happy at the end of the first half with the Badgers up by two on the road against Ohio State. Even at the beginning of the second half the Badgers seemed to be on top of things. That didn’t last two long though as the Badgers went on an offensive drought while the Buckeyes didn’t, catching up & eventually taking & building a lead they wouldn’t relinquish. I’m just going to put it out there now too, Senior or not Ryan Evans should not be getting more minutes than Sam Dekker at this point or really even starting. Evans didn’t lose the game for the Badgers but he did more harm than good, taking shots he had no business taking & eventually getting pulled. Bo Ryan needs to make a decision there. I think it’s pretty obvious what I & a lot of Badgers fans would suggest.

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