This week’s Daybreak Doppler Dames theme is Women of the Australian Open.


Caroline Wozniacki

This was depressing to watch, Wisconsin Doomed By Huge First-Half Hole In Iowa .

Madtown Badgers with grades from the Iowa game, Badgers Suffer Hangover, Downed by Hawkeyes 70-66 .

The Golden Eagles didn’t fare any better, falling just short in epic overtime thriller .

Behind the Buck Pass has your Milwaukee Bucks Game Review: Road Trip Coming Up Roses from Saturday .

Ol’ Bag of Donuts asks So, should we continue talking about the 2013 season? Sure, why not!

Lombardi Ave says it’s time to Take Back The Tundra of Lambeau Field .

From The Wisconsin Sports Blog, The Brewers Projected Starting Rotation .

Ouch, This Is The Worst Ski Jump Attempt Ever .

So, so true: Dog Petting Guide .

Totally gonna make these, 9 Star Wars S’Mores .

This is awesome, New Orleans Expresses Its Roger Goodell Hatred In Obscene Float Form.

Here are 25 Infomercial Products That Don’t Suck .

Have to try some of these out, maybe… Six Of The World’s Most Bizarre Hangover Cures .

These are all cooler than my card, The Fascinating Business Cards of 20 Famous People .

Switching Gears – So we’ve made it past our first weekend in a while with no Packers football.  It was hard to watch the games yesterday but as it generally the case, life goes on.  Unfortunately, neither the Badgers or Golden Eagles helped provide any comfort this weekend although at least the Marquette game had some excitement to it unlike the huge let down the Badgers gave us against Iowa.  The Bucks did win though on Saturday so that’s at least something.  No matter what though, we’ll be switching gears here to college & pro basketball  & before you know it March Madness, Spring Training & the NFL Draft will be upon us.  So it’s not all bad without the Packers in action, it’s just different.

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