This week’s Daybreak Doppler Dames theme is Women In Commercials.


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New Warm Bodies – The 2013 Green Bay Packers weren’t a bad team. They weren’t a spectacular one either, which is why we won’t be seeing them playing this weekend.  We all know how Ted Thompson loves the draft and developing from within, but I’m not sold on that filling the holes which will most likely still be there come Training Camp next season.  Looking at this teamI think the O-Line , although there is a question as a long term solution at Center but I thought EDS was more than serviceable for now & we’ll be fine as well as the Wide Receivers corp.  I’m mostly comfortable with the Secondary although I do think you may see some shuffling there, with Tramon maybe being moved to Nickle corner. Getting Desmond Bishop back will be a boon to the Linebackers, but I don’t think we’ll see Hawk return which leaves a hole there. On the D-Line, with Worthy having another year & a hopefully healthy CJ Wilson working along Raji I don’t see that being an area of huge weakness.  So, based on what I’ve gone over the biggest holes I see are at Running Back & Inside Linebacker.

Looking at Free Agents in those two position groups, no one really jumps out at me & really, would we honestly expect Ted to go after a name we all know?  Probably not so we’ll be looking to the Draft again & hoping the likes of Brad Jones, DeJuan Harris, Erik Walden & Alex Green get better with another year under their belt with perhaps a 1 st round rookie stepping up…assuming Ted doesn’t trade that pick away to get more in the later rounds.  Not that’s something I think we can all agree wouldn’t be surprising.  But maybe, just maybe Ted will decide this is the year to play in the free agent waters & get a piece of the puzzle that can provide some improvement to an area of need right away.  Possible?  Anything’s possible.  Likely?  Yeah, not so much.

Thanks for hanging around this week, was a tough one for us all as we worked through our five stages of grief now that the Packers are done for another year.  All is not lost though, we can devote more time to college basketball now, maybe even the Bucks & before you know it Spring Training will be under way.  Have a good weekend & we’ll see you back here on Monday morning.

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