This week’s Daybreak Doppler Dames theme is Women In Commercials.


Tania Pilar – Citi Rewards “Happy Princess Wonderland” commercial

Brian from CHTV has his Green Bay Packers 2012 Report Card Grades: Defense .

All Green Bay Packers on how Injuries Took Their Toll on the Packers Linebacker Corps .

Marquette improved 40 4-0 in the Big East, beating Seton Hall last night 69-62 .

Still basking in the glow, and rightfully so, Madtown Badgers is Putting Wisconsin’s win over Hoosiers in perspective .

The Big Time on how the Badgers stand alone atop the Big Ten – can it stay that way?

Bucksketball unveils The Milwaukee Bucks’ Sinister Six (and friends) .

Brew Hoops with a Bucks vs. Suns Preview: 9,462 days ago the Bucks won a game in Phoenix .

Brewer Nation continues Brewers By the (Jersey) Numbers – #75 Travis Webb .

This was making the round yesterday, but in case you haven’t seen it or want to watch again (totally worth it too), ‘The NFL: A Bad Lip-Reading’ is about as good as it gets .

Better hurry, these positions are getting filled quickly, Application for the Arizona Cardinals Head Coach Position .

I really don’t want to see this happen, A Harbaugh Bowl Looms Ever Closer .

What’s the purpose of it then… Hyperspace Travel Probably Not As Cool Looking As It Is In The Movies .

Totally trying this with one of my dogs, Dog can’t figure out why it can’t pick up a frozen tennis ball .

We’ll keep with the canine theme here, Two dogs have a very important conversation via video chat .

Mole Hill Here I Think – In the weeks leading up to the playoffs & then even after this last game, some have been thinking there is a growing rift between Mike McCarthy & Aaron Rodgers.  There was the ‘yelling’ incident during the Minnesota game & then Rodgers’ comments after the 49ers game about giving up on the run too soon. It’s very easy to start looking in dark corners to try and figure out why your favorite team lost & putting stock in any issues between McCarthy & Rodgers is just that.  Was there & is there occasional frustration on Rodgers part with the play calling McCarthy is putting out there?  I’m sure there is.  I’m sure there’s also frustration on McCarthy’s part with Rodgers occasionally holding the ball too long or checking out of called plays.  If anything, I see the more vociferous Rodgers a sign of the solid relationship McCarthy & him have from a sign of respect for each other & their respective abilities & roles.  There’s definitely things to be upset about the way this season ended & some worries looking forward but I’m pretty confident the relationship between Rodgers & McCarthy is not one of them.

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