This week’s Daybreak Doppler Dames theme is Women In Commercials.


Tamara Knausz – Kay Jeweler’s “She’s Not Famous” commercial

Some good news for Wisconsin hoops fans with the Badgers upsetting No. 2 ranked Indiana last night .

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This explains it all, Matt Bryant channeled his inner Happy Gilmore before game-winning kick .

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Here are supposedly the 11 Days When Americans Watch the Least Pornography .

A fun little quiz to spend some time on, Cocktail Name Or Racehorse?

Thanks For The Memories – Randall Cobb continued his emergence as a playmaker for the Packers, James Jones had pretty much his best season ever & Jordy Nelson (when healthy) was as solid as ever. Those happy thoughts lead into some possibly not happy ones concerning Greg Jennings & Donald Driver.  Jennings will be a free agent this offseason & has he eluded too this past year may very well have been his last in Green Bay. I see one of two scenarios playing out as it relates Jennings & the Packers: 1) He gets franchised & then a trade/sign deal is done w/ another team or 2) He’s just left to walk and test the free agent market.  Either way, I honestly do not see Jennings back next year which is a little sad, but it’s the way the NFL works.  As for Donald Driver, the writing has pretty much been on the wall for the later part of the season here.  Donald Driver is without a doubt, one of the most loved Packers of all time for a multitude of reasons.  I truly believe had it not been for a certain reality TV show last year & the huge amount of publicity that gained Driver, Thompson & McCarthy wouldn’t even have had him on the roster this past year.  Thompson though I think learned his lesson from a previous experience, knew what a huge PR misstep that would’ve been & kept Driver around for one more year.  This year will be different though & everyone knows it, including Driver which if you caught him on Inside The Huddle this past Monday night you could tell he knows his playing days, at least in Green Bay, have come to an end.  I for the most part don’t get sentimental about players coming & going, but it’s hard not to with Donald Driver.  We’ll have to see how it plays out, whether Driver decides to retire (& hopefully stay within the Packers fold in some capacity) or catch on with another team. Personally, I hope it’s the first of those two scenarios.

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