This week’s Daybreak Doppler Dames theme is Women In Commercials.


Hannah Davis – DIRECTV “Genie” commercials

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Here’s this weeks edition of NFL QBs ON FACEBOOK: DIVISIONAL ROUNDUP .

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Figuring out The 5 Most Hated College Sports Teams .

Because really, who does strive to be just average? 11 Ways To Be Unremarkably Average .

This is pretty entertaining, The ‘Now I’m Worried’ Twitter Account Is Consistently Hilarious .

Changes Needed, Just What Are They – Talking to my Dad Sunday and while he is generally pretty even keeled when it comes to sports he was adamant about one thing: Dom Capers needs to go.  It’s a popular sentiment after the drubbing the Packers received on Saturday night.  Capers failed to make any adjustments at all during the game in San Francisco & really, that’s just unforgiveable. Yes, players make the plays on the field but the coach needs to put those players in a position to execute & Capers plan, or lack of one, ultimately doomed the team from advancing.  We’ll see what happens as this offseason unfolds for us but I wouldn’t be surprise one bit to see Capers ushered out the door & I’m pretty sure no one will shed any tears over it. From there, should Capers be relieved of duties, it’s anyone’s guess who would take on the mantle of Defensive Coordinator. However, as someone much wiser than I in the ways of Packers football mentioned to me, Mike McCarthy is also fiercely loyal so Capers could be safe as well.  How it turns out is anyone’s guess.

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  • Julie McLaughlin

    I would really like a story about all the players drafted before Russell Wilson…hint hint.

  • Weasel

    I would like to walk up to Tramon Williams and hand him two balls, and simply say, “Apparently you are missing yours.”