matthews-rodgers * No one should take me seriously with this post, and for the love of god, don’t forget he’s my QB and I am mighty proud of that.

I got news for you Mr. Brown, you haven’t heard the last of me. You may think I’m sh** now, but someday you’re gonna be sorry you cut me. I’m gonna catch on somewhere else and every time that I pitch against you I’m gonna stick it up you’re f***n’ a**!
—Ricky Vaughn, Major League

Who’s Ron Hubble? Does it really matter? Was he right about his declaration regarding trophies and other accolades? It’s no surprise that Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers is fueled by every slight since his Pop Warner days and carries them like a badge of honor when he takes the field. Doesn’t matter if it was a college professor who told him that he was a dumb jock that would never amount to anything or some no-name beat writer that commented that he was short and lacked physicality. Tell him that he’s not good enough, and suddenly that chip on his shoulder. And yes, he does play extremely well when he wants to stick it to him.

Candlestick–nasty cat box of a playing field and all–the last time the Packers played there, Rodgers was a bench warmer watching the game from the sidelines with a broken foot. You just know he’s hell bent on leather to go into Niner’s territory to kick butt and take names. He remembers how the team passed him up. So, yeah, let’s break down that fourth wall and bring up all the past uglies. Let’s make sure that chip is sufficiently the size of the entire state of Montana. Let’s get him frothed up to the point that he wants to shatter records and get even for the season opener. Let’s grind salt into old wounds (and troll to the nth degree) in order send our hero to DEFCON 1 and prepare for nuclear war…

So, Aaron…Can I call you Aaron?

How ’bout those Niners? Weren’t they your favorite team as a kid? You dreamed about playing for them since you were little, right? The night before the draft, you hoped they would pick you first, correct? Well, they didn’t want you. They didn’t think you were good enough for their organization. You were too little, too cocky. You weren’t a first pick of the first round. They needed a hero, not a back up. And you simply weren’t it.

You weren’t Alex Smith

They wanted a champion, and their offensive coordinator did not think what you had what it took.

While Alex and his family were popping the champagne, you were getting consoled by yours.  Hell, the housekeeping crew was cleaning up the room while you were still sitting there.

And while we’re taking a walk down memory lane, where were you when Alex Smith was starting at Candlestick? You were getting ignored by the starting QB on your own team.  You were a clipboard holder.

Now let’s look back to 2008. No one wanted you. Again. You had a five-year-old tell you to fuck off. You got death threats. The Packers deserve the best, and the Packer Nation wanted their trusted and loved grizzled quarterback. Remember how if felt to get booed in your own stadium?

No one wanted you in San Francisco, and no one wanted you at Lambeau.

Sure, you’ve said you’re over it, that you were given a gift getting sent to God’s Country.

Bullshit. You’re bitter as hell.

And that is why you are our champion.

Remember those slights as you take the field tonight. Remember that this is the very team you imagined you played for as a kid. You were Joe Montana, your brother Luke was Jerry Rice.Dig deep and remember how it felt, how it burned. Let that fire loose tonight. Let it burn out of control.

Let them know they made a mistake. Let them see what they missed. Set Candlestick on fire and put this monkey you have carried on your back for nearly eight years  to bed tonight.

You are a Green Bay Packer. There was no mistake when Ted Thompson picked you. You’re already proved that stupid OC wrong each day he says good morning to you. Ted doesn’t choose garbage. You are a champion.

Now look over at that other sideline and ask yourself what Alex Smith is doing these days.

Revenge is a dish best served cold. Looks like it is time to give San Francisco what it deserves. Show them what they missed. Their loss was Green Bay’s gain.

Unleash war, Rodgers. This is your night.



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  • Anita

    Just to make it clear, I never booed Aaron Rodgers! I did boo his spoiled brat INT throwing predecessor in 2008, however. But, I see where you’re going with this. Work that chip. Make it hurt. Make him right the wrongs that the Packers have suffered at The Stick. The Fumble. The Catch….revenge. We want it. We must have it!