This week’s Daybreak Doppler Dames theme is Women from Tarantino Movies.


Salma Hayek (Santanico Pandemonium in From Dusk Till Dawn)

ACME Packing Company on Joe Webb And Preparing For The 49ers’ Offense .

All Green Bay Packers is thinking the Packers Spread Formations can Keep 49ers’ Willis off the Field .

Lombardi Ave has collected some Packers’ fans superstitions .

Jim Boylan is undefeated as head coach as Brandon Jennings drops 35 points as Bucks blast past Bulls, 104-96 .

Madtown Badgers continues the 2013 WAY too early Badgers Football Schedule Breakdown: Arizona State .

Disciples of Uecker has an Early January Projection of Brewers ’13 Pitching Staff .

Sticking with the pitching theme, Brew Crew Ball is Reviewing and Rambling about the Community Projections, Pitcher Edition .

They all look like good reads, 12 Proposed Titles for Nick Saban’s Next Self-Help Book .

Can’t say as I blame them really, Here’s How Some Angry Redskins Fans Reacted On Facebook To Robert Griffin III’s Torn Knee Ligaments And Surgery .

If you’re an Indy & Star Wars nerd like me, this will appeal to you: Indiana Jones And Star Wars Trilogies Viewed As Maps .

Why would you even want to live with this person, Introducing the most high-maintenance roommate on the planet .

In the least surprising news ever category, ‘Fifty Shades Of Grey’ will be NC-17 .

Any of these apply to you? What Your Facebook Profile Says About You .

Well, it’s about time… We Can Finally Watch The Drunk Airplane Passenger Get Restrained With Duct Tape .

Still Time To Make It Up –’s first NCAA Bubble Watch was up yesterday and not surprisingly the Badgers were officially in the ‘watch’ category.  This basketball season for UW hasn’t necessarily started the way anyone intended. The first blow came before the season even started with Josh Gasser getting injured & out for the year & since then we’ve been treated to mostly uninspiring play from the Badgers.  While the frontcourt for UW is mostly OK, the guard play has really hurt this team.  We all hoped that everything we read about George Marshall being up to the task of running the point would be true but that level of play really hasn’t come to fruition. There’s still plenty of season left & plenty of time to get some quality wins to prove this Badgers team belongs but I have the nagging feeling it’ll be an uphill & frustrating battle all season to do so.  I’ve often said that Bo Ryan has great ability in being able to coach his players up & get the most out of them. I think this season that ability will be tested to its limits, we’ll just have to wait & see on what the results are.

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