This week’s Daybreak Doppler Dames theme is Women from Tarantino Movies.


Uma Thurman (Mia Wallace in Pulp Fiction & The Bride in Kill Bill)

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Ed. Note: The big news yesterday, coming late in the night Monday, was the Bucks & Scott Skiles parting ways. I asked our resident Bucks aficionado Milwaukee Brian to share his thoughts on the coaching change & what it may bring from the Bucks.

The proverbial “writing on the wall” can only be there for so long. For the Milwaukee Bucks, the action finally came with the parting of ways between the team and head coach Scott Skiles. The 5th and final year of his contract was cut short when it became clear that their current trajectory wasn’t going to get them far enough. Skiles has a bad reputation for wearing his rosters out over time, and in Milwaukee it was inevitable. The Bucks rely on so many complex parts and defend at such a ridiculous pace that it occasionally hurts when the schedule gets overloaded. But defense is what Skiles knows and that is what has defined this team during his tenure. If “defensive coordinator” was as prominent a coaching job in basketball as it is in football, Scott Skiles would be one of the best.

So how will the team fare the rest of the season? Surely this coaching change has to spark them to a bit of a run. A little confidence can go a long way during the bleak wintry stretches of the NBA season. If Interim Coach Jim Boylan can put together a better-flowing offensive system, one the players actually care about, the Bucks should feel realistic about getting back to the playoffs.

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