This week’s Daybreak Doppler Dames theme is Women from Tarantino Movies.


Melanie Laurent (Shoshana Dreyfus in Inglourious Basterds)

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The Unexpected Missing Link – Two years ago it was the emergence of James Starks which brought some balance to the Packers and their run to the Super Bowl.  This year, it’s another unheralded & previously unknown in DeJuan Harris.  Like Starks during the 2010 playoff run, Harris is helping to create some balance in this pass heavy offense & pretty much at the perfect time.  The Packers will always be a pass first team, everyone knows that, but with the emergence of the hard running Harris the Packers can use the game ground more to set up their passing attack. Harris also has skills as a receiver too which allows the screen game to come back to some prevalence.  Headed into this weekend’s came in San Francisco having a running game which isn’t an Achilles heel anymore, and all that having some balance brings to the offense, may be the difference between advancing to the Championship Game & calling it a season.

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