As you would expect, this week’s Packers Therapy touches on the playoff win over the Vikings, but Chris and Dave spend more time looking ahead to the Divisional Round game this Saturday against the Niners in San Francisco. Also, Dave talks about a surprise encounter with a Packers Board Member and the guys close the show by talking about two acclaimed films: “Lincoln” and “Silver Linings Playbook”


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  • Steve from Seattle

    Let’s take a minute to compare the field condition between Washington and Green Bay. Green Bay was grass and Washington was mud painted green. It is amazing how cheap a billionaire can be.

    Being a packer fan in Seattle, I can tell you that Seahawk fans have been less than graceful regarding their regular season victory. As I said earlier, I can feel that rematch coming.

    Don’t you think the combination of an injured Justin Smith and young quarterback even the scales for the Packers. Also let’s not forget that Rodgers will be playing in front of family and friends.

    Just like stepping on the Bears on the way to the last super bowl it would be justice to crush the Seahawks on the way to the next Super Bowl.

  • Nick

    Looking forward to seeing Dave and his Super Bowl ring fashion show.

  • John

    I think the keys Saturday night are Justin Smith and Vernon Davis. If Smith can’t play due to the tricep injury Aaron should have additional time to pick apart the 49ers secondary. With our run defense well schooled after back-to-back AD games we should have an easier time stopping Gore, and Tramon a good matchup to neutralize Crabtree. Stopping Davis should slow SFs scoring enough to give us the edge.