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Resolutions were meant to be broken, 24 People Who Have Already Broken Their New Year’s Resolutions .

Satisfied If Underwhelmed – Back in August of last year (have to get used to saying that now) I said that for the Badgers season to be a success they’d have to be Big Ten Champions again.  As it turns out, that did happen but the road to that was nothing anyone expected.  Yes, I know the Leaders Division was very much handicapped with Ohio State & Penn State being ineligible, but I also figured Wisconsin would put in a good enough showing to get to the Championship Game & Rose Bowl convincingly.  That really didn’t happen & this season will mostly likely go down as the one where the Badgers stumbled to the Rose Bowl undeservingly.  Is that fair?  I’m not so sure. The Badgers were far from a perfect team, but they weren’t as bad as their record showed & let’s not forget the beat down they put on Nebraska to win the Big Ten Championship & get to the Rose Bowl. So was the season a success? You’d have to say it was by virtue of finishing it in the Rose Bowl, even if you’re not entirely happy about how the season played out.

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