The Holidays brought Chris and Dave together to record the latest installment of Packers Therapy face-to-face for the first time in over two years. The results were not pretty, but the outcome was better than the Packers disappointing lost to the Vikings at the Metrodome. The fellas lament the leaky defense, praise the offense and wonder whether the loss was really all that bad in the larger scheme of things…


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  • Matt Lambeau

    Let’s hand it to the Vikes for a well played win. Now let this short video keep things in perspective. It’s all about the RING baby!

    GO PACK!

  • Jamie

    Here are the awards for the Packers Therapy fantasy football league. There is one award named all of the fourteen coaches in Packer history.

    Lombardi Trophy for League Champion: Jamie Logan
    Ronzani Award for Last Place: Logan Robertson
    Sherman Award for runner-up: Nick Cavitt
    Rhodes Trophy for 3rd place: Brian Kuklinski
    Lambeau Award for best regular season record: Brian Kuklinski
    Holmgren Award for division champion: Brian Kuklinski and Peter Kolshorn
    McCarthy Award for most total points for the season: Brian Kuklinski
    Bengston Award for fewest points allowed for the season: Nick Cavitt
    Gregg Award for most points allowed for the season: Owen Hill
    Deine Award for fewest points for the season: Owen Hill
    Starr Award for highest total score for a single matchup: Henrik Guemoes
    Infante Award for largest margin of victory in a single matchup: Abe Jaroszewski
    McLean Award for largest margin of defeat in a single matchup: Logan Robertson
    Blackbourn Award for the lowest score in a single matchup: Logan Robertson

  • Jamie

    oops! should be Devine not Deine

  • Adam

    Hi C &D: I thought for sure we’d see someone assigned to shadow Colin K. after the first half. J Bush would have been perfect. Actually, had Capers watched lots of UNR game film, probably would have figured it out in advance.