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Holly Madison

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A Difference A Year Makes – Last year as we were looking ahead to the final regular season game  for the Packers, there wasn’t really anything on the line. Green Bay already had the #1 Seed locked up & that final game was pretty much meaningless. Flash forward to this year & the Packers are playing for a chance to lock up the #2 seed & a first playoff weekend bye as well as knock the Vikings out of the playoff picture.  I like it much better this way when there’s actually something to play for. Should, I mean when, the Packers win on Sunday they’ll still get that week off on Wildcard Weekend but I don’t think we’ll see that complacency we saw last year when they returned to action in the Divisional Playoff round.  First things first though as there is a game with something on the line come this Sunday & against a team I personally dislike more than any other opponent in the NFC North. It’ll only be double the pleasure to see the Packers win & end the Vikings season, I’m looking forward to it.

Hope you all had a good Christmas Holiday & are able to enjoy this final Saturday & Sunday of the NFL regular season and 2012. We’ll see you back here Monday morning.

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  • Brew Town Boozer

    I couldn’t help but notice that Ron Roenicke wasn’t on the lost of worst coaches. An oversight I am sure. Happy New Year Wally.