Each week last season, the 3 Founding Fathers of Pocket Doppler (Wally, Harland O. Dog & Chris Richards), Senior Angel Colleen and favored stepson Rich would square off in picking the winner of the Packers, Sunday night & MNF games in an attempt to prove their football acumen and entertain. We’re going to make another valiant attempt at it this year. Unfortunately Chris had to bow out for this season (or happily escaped, take your pick) so Angel Kelly has joined the team. Like always, we’ll keep a running tally throughout the season.

Welcome to this week’s edition of the Pocket Doppler Prognosticators. Entering into Week 15 the current standings are:

Wally: 33
Harland O. Dog: 31
Colleen: 33
Kelly: 32
Rich: 27

It was an interesting week…those rascally 49ers are more scary than we’ve even thought before, but they will fall to the Packers in the playoffs, should they meet. Let’s see how the picks go this week.

Harland O. Dog

Titans @ Packers – Young Tennessee quarterback Jake Locker spoke this week at length about his excitement at the prospect of making his first appearance on the ‘frozen tundra’ (his words, btw) of Lambeau Field.  I hope he enjoys the experience for its own sake ’cause the Titan ain’t comin’ out o’ there with a win.

Giants @ Ravens – These two teams have spent the better part of the season trying to convince fans that they are legitimate title contenders, but their play in recent weeks has dispelled that notion.  It looked like the G-men were back on track after their dismantling of the Packers but apparently Green Bay is the only team with which they match up well.  Conventional wisdom says the Giants can turn it on when they want to but the problem for them is they seem to believe that themselves.  The outcome of this game should at least eliminate any illusions for the loser.  Since the Ravens are at home and they’ve sucked slightly less, we’ll go with them for now.

49ers @ Seahawks – I finally have to admit what I’ve been reluctant to concede: San Francisco is scary good.  Their two games against the Rams made me think they were vulnerable but that appears to be an issue of just another peculiar matchup problem.  Coach Jim Harbaugh’s handling of his QB situation had the potential to be a thorn in their side but Colin Kaepernick has added another dimension to their attack.  Even with all of that, though, the Seahawks are still right on their heels in the NFC West and are always tough to beat at home.  But, if San Francisco plays to their capabilities, I can’t see anyone defeating them and that includes this week.

Harland O. Dog’s picks:  Packers, Ravens & 49ers


Titans @ Packers – The final regular season game at Lambeau for the 2012 season frankly doesn’t present much of an opponent for the Packers. That being said, the Packers still have something to play for here which is playoff seeding. While they most likely can’t catch current #1 seed Atlanta catching the #2 49ers is a possibility but they need to win out to help that along. This game will be the first step as there is no way I see the Packers dropping this game & in face could be a double digit win.

Giants @ Ravens (make up game) – “I just can’t figure out this team” was the phrase Kyle issued while we watched last week’s Packers game in the friendly confines of Tommy’s garage. It’s really true though, we saw the Giants just beat the hell out of our Packers & then last week we see them get shut out. The Giants have more to play for than the Ravens do as Baltimore has at least clinched a Wild Card & the Giants, Cowboys & Redskins are all tied at 8-6 in the NFC East. Based purely on that, I’m going to say the Giants rise to the occasion & get the win.

49ers @ Seahawks – Above I said that the Packers can catch the 49ers & a win by Seattle here would greatly help that cause. Similar to what I said above, the 49ers are another head scratcher of a team as last week we saw them put on an impressive display against the Patriots yet they lose to the Rams. I don’t think the 49ers are as dysfunctional as the Giants, but I also don’t think they are as completer as a lot of people say. For that reason I’m going with Seattle at home & also because the Seahawks owe us one.

Wally’s Picks: Packers, Ravens & Seahawks


This space is for rent.


Titans @ Packers – This game should be fairly laughable. In fact, it will be very laughable, except for the fact that Matt Hasselbeck will be back in Lambeau and this time I don’t think he’ll play, much less predict that he’s going to receive the ball and win. And I’m going to be in Green Bay for a playoff game. Life is GOOD.

Giants @ Ravens (makeup game) The Giants got their asses handed to them last week, which pleased me to no end, but probably ensures that Eli will not want to wear the ‘Manningface’, as much as I would like to. The Ravens are atop their division and of course they’re going to be looking to continue their winning record for a playoff seed. I really think the Ravens have it this weekend.

49ers @ Seahawks – Colin vs. Petey the Poodle. I hate both teams, but I hate Petey more than Colin. I think the Seahawks are about to get shown what football is all about. Petey’s getting the smackdown by the NFC Player of the Week *proud smile*.


This one is for rent too.


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