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Done Deal I Guess? – While it hasn’t been official announced yet, it would seem that Gary Andersen from Utah State will be the next head coach of the Wisconsin Badgers football program. Like many of you when this whole thing started to gain some traction last night I scrambled to find out more about Andersen.  Beyond knowing that Utah State almost beat Wisconsin earlier this year, can’t say as I knew much about the guy. After doing some reading up though, I’m cautiously optimistic about this hire should it come to fruition. Andersen is a proven recruiter & a defensive minded coach (DC under Urban Meyer in fact) which we all know something Alvarez is fond of based on his own rise in the coaching ranks.  The only question that seems to be out there is that Andersen offensively favors the spread offense, something which is unheard of in these parts, but I can’t imagine that’s something he’d bring to a team built for a pro-style offense like Wisconsin is.  As I started, this isn’t official yet, but it would seem the search may very well be over.

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