This week’s Daybreak Doppler Dames theme is Women from AskMen’s Top 99 Women of 2013 I Didn’t Know Existed.


Anna Torv

The Packers won in Soldier Field yesterday, 21-13 clinching the NFC North .

Aaron shares his Gut Reactions from the Week 15 win .

Ol’ Bag of Donuts has their takeaways from the Packers victory .

Lombardi Ave and the Packers At Bears Aftermath .

It’s official now, Peace (Be With You), We Out: Marquette and the Catholic 7 Officially Bolt the Big East .

Besides the news above, Marquette was on the court Saturday as well getting a win over Savannah State .

The Bucks however did not fare as well Saturday night, losing to the Clippers 111-85 .

Have to agree with here, everyone chill out, The Sky is Falling around the Badgers football world… Or is it?

The Book of Gorman is going Bargain Hunting with the Brewers .

Sure many of you are acquainted with these Five More Old Guys You Meet at the Y .

This is worth watching, some NSFW language though, “The Colbert Report” Puts On “Breaking Bad”/”Downton Abbey” Crossover Parody .

Yeah, most of these grate on me, Top 10 Best Christmas Songs (That Everyone Finds Annoying) .

Nothing says fun to me like multiplication tables, The Only Math Museum in the U.S. Just Opened .

May want to avoid these Conversation Don’ts With Your Father-In-Law this holiday season.

Up on Top, Work Left To Do – It was a slow start but the Packers were able to do what was needed to get the win at Chicago and get the NFC North title again.  By no means was the game perfect with again Mason Crosby missing field goals and that ridiculous punt return trick play but in the end the final score is all that matters.  I do think we will see another kicker brought in this week, I just don’t see how McCarthy & Thompson can continue to trust in Crosby which is unfortunate but you can’t head into the playoffs with a kicker who can’t get make the kicks.  With the division wrapped up, there’s still work left to do in the last two weeks as the Packers play for seeding & a chance to make the run to New Orleans go through Lambeau. For now though, let’s savor the victory for a day before we look ahead to the Titans coming up this week.

Featured Image Credit: Gannett Wisconsin Media – Dan Powers

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