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bearstoes So look at that, the Packers are sitting atop the NFC North once again. And once again they have their sights set on a bigger prize.  Not much in this world is as satisfying as a victory against the Bears. At Soldier Field. It wasn’t a perfect game by any stretch of the imagination, but we won, they didn’t. And at the end of the day, aren’t you happy we don’t have a crybaby quarterback.

  • First of all, what the heck was pass attempt on a punt return? I mean, the last time I saw something that ugly I was eight at my friend Phils’s yard. And you know what, it didn’t work then either. Worst play call in the history of perhaps ever.
  • Speaking of special teams, Mason Crosby may want to put this number in his wallet: 877-596-0069. I hear Mayflower Movers will pack up your house and move you anywhere in the nation.*
  • Holy mother of god, you know the head coach has lost any remaining confidence in his place kicker when he’s giving the offense to go for it on 4th and anything.
  • But on the up side, how about that James Freaking Jones? Wasn’t everyone clamoring to ship him to Guam a year ago? Excellent focus. Can catch the ball when it is threaded through a needle. Love Jones, ugly turtleneck dickey and all.
  • And then there was Finley. He proved me wrong. Not a stellar game, but caught a big one when it really mattered. So much for just phoning it in after news broke lat night that the Packers will be kicking him to he curb one way or another at the end of the season. Still has all the blocking power as a bag of shipping peanuts, but the hands were good. Great way to extend the play.
  • Rodgers didn’t have his best game, but the clutch throws he did connect were mind blowing in their execution. He still makes me nervous when he takes off in the open field. At least he didn’t knock himself stupid like Julius Peppers did today. Hopefully that ankle injury is a non-issue come next Sunday.
  • Think Rodgers would’ve had a better day had the offensive line not decided to wait until the third quarter to arrive and make a difference. Can’t be a big playmaker when he’s busy picking his teeth off the turf.
  • Meanwhile Ryan Grant proved once again he’s very much still Ryan Grant. What, you were shocked that he coughed up the ball?
  • Clay Matthews in the game is so much better than Matthews on the sideline. Hey look, we once again have some semblence of a pass rush.
  • And Clay has a new sack dance.
  • Gauging from said new dance, apparently he’s been moonlighting as a male stripper.
  • But it was stil funny.
  • Sammy Shields, how nice it is to have you in the game again. He’s playing on a 2010 level of intensity that we did not see last year.
  • Yes, the karmic payback was sweet. Nice to see offensive pass interference not get called as defensive pass interference once in a while. But wow, is Jeffery an idiot. He had as many Offensive PIs as James Jones had touchdowns.
  • But even sweeter was how, after his initial TD, Brandon Marshall and his very large mouth were made irrelevant shortly after the score.
  • The Bears man coverage was horrid. Too bad, so sad.
  • The running game showed promise. Not sure in Green went down with an injuury, but he was MIA later in the game.
  • Hope Crabtree’s hamstring injury is no big deal.
  • Jarrett Bush proves once again he is the best at special teams.
  • And after further review, the Bears Stll Suck.
  • Bring on the Titans.
  • Packers are in the playoffs, now to hope for the 49ers are knocked down a notch.
* joke shamelessly stolen from my brother Jay who is one of the funnier people on this planet

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