In a rare turn of events, Chris and Dave got right on it and recorded the latest installment of Packers Therapy moments after time expired in GB’s come-from-behind win over the Lions. But in true Chris and Dave fashion, they are only getting around to posting it now.

Nonetheless, the boys were pleased (relieved?) with how the Packers came back on Sunday night and decided that the difference in the game was the steady play of Aaron Rodgers who contrasted favorably with the more mercurial Matthew Stafford.


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  • Steve from Seattle

    You can win a lot of games in the regular season being one dimensional (See 15 -1 Packers), but in the playoffs you can’t rely on the mistakes of others (Stafford fumble) to win games. Playoff teams beyond the wildcard round have top ten defenses. They take away your strength (Dan Marino, Adrian Peterson, Brett Favre … etc) and force you to make first downs and points in other ways. This is one of the reasons defense heavy teams win super bowls.

    Teams in the playoffs will reduce Rodgers to making throws against stacked coverage. If we keep throwing the ball into coverage eventually it’s coming back the other way. This means the Packers have to run the ball and make plays on defense to get back to the super bowl.

    Can we run the ball against the Giants and Niners front four defensive linemen. Can the defense get the quarterback with Mathews and Woodson?

    Great podcast keep it coming.

    PS All I want for christmas is a center that can run block.