@HarlandODog Lions players warming up shirtless at Lambeau…..idiots!
Yeah, I’m sure the Packers are very intimidated by stupidity.

‏ ‏@theandyman Few things as awesome as a snowy Lambeau Field in primetime. GO PACK GO!!!
‏@juliemsrd Was #25 open for @RyanGrant25 or did someone have to give it up?
@hammen @juliemsrd Think it was open wonder if they took his jerseys off clearance in the Pro Shop?
Oof. Maybe.

Hey, Will Farrell’s a Packer fan? And at the game? Who knew.
@DarrenZed I dont care if Will Ferrell is at Lambeau.
Oh. Okay.

@mattkenseth How are you feeling about your lions tonight @keselowski ? #packersrule
I knew Matt was my 2nd favorite NASCAR driver. Well, maybe 3rd.

@ZachHeilprin Like Herb Adderley last week, Willie Davis rises out of his wheelchair and waves to the crowd as he’s introduced at Lambeau.
Sigh. I know I don’t really remember these guys playing, but I sure hate to see them getting old.

@GerDiaz Late change: Don Barclay will start for TJ Lang at RT.
I guess we’re really going to see what Mr. Barclay can do. I hope Bill Johnson isn’t right.

@coreybehnke Lambeau Field is beautiful tonight.
Every night. Now, time for the game to start.

@nrarmour Detroit wins toss, elects to receive.
Well, things are already looking a bit grim. Detroit is having no problem moving the ball.

@WhatRUTinkin This is about where Nagler says ‘Whole lotta ballgame left’….
@HarlandODog @WhatRUTinkin Well, they haven’t even scored….yet.
Lions score. 7-0

‏@N0tAaronRodgers So far our defense is not invited to my post game pizza party.
@JerseyAlGBP Zombo schooled by Stafford again. Let’s bring back Moses, please..
@ByChrisJenkins Ah, the naked bootleg. Usually, the Lions only run that when one of their coaches is at the late-night Wendy’s drive-through.
Well, we’ll get the ball back and everything will be JUST fine. Right?

Nice pass by Aaron as he slips to Randall Cobb.
‏@PirateNurr That’s my boy! I love Randall Cobb! #GoPackGo
@ChadToporski My heart stopped when he slipped as he was throwing.
@jrehor Way to go right for Rodgers’ head Fairley #Douche
FUMBLE. Oh Aaron.
@ilovemypackers MUTHERFRIKKERS!!!
‏@jrehor I may have just cursed. Just a little bit
@CCSO228 My whole timeline just cursed in unison..
I will not repeat what I said to a friend so that I didn’t say it in the CheeseheadTV chat and incur @jaymelee1’s wrath. But it was very bad.

@GBPackers_Diva Where is Ryan Grant at???
Where IS Ryan Grant at? MM said he would play.

@brewfangrb Nice tackling technique…letting the guy run by you, Davon House. Greg House probably would’ve tackled better there.
@AllWaltrip weather outside is frightful, but the football game is so delightful, I don’t have anyplace to go, let it snow, let it snow, let it snow
I should have known you were a Lions fan, Waltrip.
Touchdown Lions. DAMN. 14-0

@zgoldberg Fun quarter.
There is not enough sarcasm font in the world to express how sarcastic that was.

@leap36 WTF kinda tackling is this, keep your head up so you can see what you hit #SNF
If anyone can say that, it’s Leroy Butler. Damn, Packers.

@jrehor Dear Dom: get your shit together before I start crazy talk
‏@SHBorden Flag. Dancing in the end zone with a 4-8 record. #GBvDET
@olbagofdonuts Packers already in deep trouble here, folks. They can’t stop the Lions to save their ass. This is bad.
‏@jasonjwilde Twitter: Where angry #Packers fans go to vent
@nickknaack You’d think we could do it before half, too… RT @Buranmh Dom ..adjustments please
‏@bkshimada Plenty of game left as @Aaron_Nagler would say :)
And probably already has.

Greg Jennings with a great catch!
@Farahmandich: Yes, PLEASE put it on your back. PLEASE. RT @WhatRUTinkin: Put the team on your back, Doe.

James Jones with a drop. Damn.
@PackersTherapy I think that is Jones’ first drop this year.
But why did it have to be NOW?

Meanwhile, Mike and Chris have their comedy duo shtick working…
@HarlandODog: @PackersTherapy The way this is looking so far, we’ll need some kind of running gag to get through it.
@PackersTherapy: @HarlandODog Right now I’m just gagging.
‏@HarlandODog @PackersTherapy The Packers appear to be joining you.

@RichardMChang out of beer. stress eating chocolate

Oh boy. Mason time. Hold me.
It’s good. 14-3
@RahimTariq he made it?
@kennhoekstra Boom! RT @WhatRUTinkin You can do it, Mason.

And the Lions are on the move. Again. The Packers do not seem to be figuring this out.
@JerryKramer4HOF dang… keep willing a turn over peeps!!
@DUD6887 Capers has no answer right now…
Well, Dom may not, but Mike Daniels does. Holy moly. Touchdown!! 14-10
@PackerReport: Can’t believe Schwartz hasn’t thrown his challenge flag already.
@GoPack18 Matthew Stafford mishandled the ball cause he was too busy checking out his hair

At least the Lions seem to shoot themselves in the foot now. And they get the ball back.
@PackersTherapy How about an actual stop right now?
Tramon Williams with a good breakup against Megatron.
‏@PirateNurr Tramon has a beautiful jump. #GoPackGo
@CCSO228 Tramon really keeping Megatron in check nicely..
He is. Now if someone else could help stop the Lions from marching down the field.

@RobDemovsky #Packers still can’t stop Detroit.This nickel thing isn’t working.
@jrdulka Packers can’t get off the field on third. They need to get a few more turnovers.
Sam Shields with the interception! Yay Sammy! You were saying, Rob?
‏@brewfangrb BANG!!!!
@htphelps Boy, Sammy, I’ve missed you.
@ThreefortheWin Lions make another costly mistake
@Kapp06 GB @packers finally getting some help from their defense to get back into the ballgame #NFL #SNF
@bradschjoth The only way I’ll ever come to terms with the pick-that-wasn’t in the Seattle game is if it screws the Bears out of a playoff spot. #Packers
That would definitely help. Or if we crush Petey and Co. at Lambeau in the playoffs.

An ill-timed penalty ensures no score before halftime.
‏@PackersTherapy Sitton not having a great game.
@gbpf127 2 on Sitton. C’mon big guy!
@olbagofdonuts God, how true is this huh? RT @adamczech It takes 3rd and 15 to get McCarthy to call quick routes.
@JerseyAlGBP The Farve ornament is a goner…
@HarlandODog @JerseyAlGBP Thrown at the TV?


@jasonjwilde Not sure about you guys, but I thought Ryan Grant was terrific in the first half.
Fantastic, Jason. I’m starting to think he really didn’t come back, it’s just a rumor.

@TomPelissero #mutingCostas

@RahimTariq .@SNFonNBC can u teach me to commercial
@bstanley If @ag_stanley and I had a drink for every commercial break during @SNFonNBC we’d be hammered by now.
NBC must be trying to get enough money to give their employees a Christmas bonus. It’s every two minutes.

Second Half

Suh with a nasty hit on Rodgers. Packer Nation erupts.
@msannomalley Suh, you dirty son of a bitch. Screw you, asshole.
Don’t hold back, Kathy, tell us how you really feel. Of course, we all agree with you.
@jaymelee1 I think we need to start messing with Suh’s shoes…let’s get this party started
@PackerRanter #Suhchebag
@HarlandODog @crichar3 His way of telling AR, “My name is Suh, how do you do?

Touchdown, Aaron Rodgers!! That was…. a magnificent run. 17-14
@cubanalaf Lol QB runs for a TD. 27 yards. You go ahead and Belt, dude. Wow. #gopackgo
@kareemcopeland So you’re a dancer?
‏@ianlongPA Rodgers obviously studying game tape of Kaepernick.
You know, I was just arguing with someone that Kap ran like Rodgers…..
‏@HarlandODog How in the world did AR get out of the backfield, much less score, on that play? #Packers
‏@ByChrisJenkins And Rodgers jumps into the crowd! (I hope nobody commented on how he seems shorter in real life)
@farahmandich Seriously, can we have ONE GAME without the F-word? #favre
No. Now quit asking.

What an awful personal foul call on Burnett.
‏@crichar3 Roger Goodell found that flag extraordinarily gratifying. He’s enjoying a private moment right now.
Beautiful, man.
@CaptElaino Collinsworth just said something intelligent “The intent wasn’t to hit with the helmet–not that intent matters in the NFL anymore” #SNF ‏
Blind squirrel….nut….you know.
‏@audsGoPackGo Yeah, correct maybe if you are a watching w/cucumbers on your eyes “@jasonjwilde: You really think so, Greg? RT @GregABedard: Correct call”
I don’t usually think of Cris Collinsworth as being smarter than Greg Bedard. This is an odd game indeed.
@miltownbucky Tonight we have the second largest number of tweets using the word “bullshit” for that personal foul call. Funny, #1 also involved the Pack

Detroit drives and scores a field goal. 17-17. Urgh.

Nothing doing on offense. Have to punt it back. Lions are on the move. But not for long.
@crichar3 Big stop for the #Packers right there. Good to see.
Defense has shown up now. Thankfully.

@wisconsin_mom Wow great field position, now lets get a touchdown! #GoPackGo #GoPackGo

What an amazing one handed catch by Randall Cobb.
@Sunnie5274 Seriously @rcobb18 is a flipping superhero
@HarlandODog It’s official: his name shall now be Randall F-ing Cobb
That’s what I called him. But I didn’t say ‘F-ing’.

Now Aaron’s sacked on third down. Dammit.
‏@dexhandle That’s all Rodgers. Bad decision to step up into that.
@BrianKuklinski Nick Fairley is fat. And he got there in a quick hurry
@RichardMChang Mike McCarthy’s playbook: Incomplete. Incomplete. Sack.
And Crosby misses. Sigh. Time for the Lions. Again.
@PackerInsanity Crosby still struggling from 50+. Sack killed that kick.

We’re really missing Matthews. A lot.
@zachkruse2 It’s really difficult to watch the Packers two OLBs rush the passer. There’s nothing. ‏
@olbagofdonuts 2nd and 17 and the Lions still get it. This is clown shoes.
@Aaron_Nagler Clear it out and run a RB or TE underneath. Linehan has been killing Capers with that for years.
@_jennaleigh Get yer shit together defense
Whew, the Lions are stopped. Hanson attempts the field goal….he’s pretty good…my stomach hurts.
@dexhandle #Hansonface
@farahmandich OMG he missed one over 50? CUT HIM

Packers take over the ball. Excellent….
‏ @GBChicinMaine Nice!!!! Greeeeeeen
Grant peels off a very nice run.
@msannomalley RYAN GRANT!!
Happy birthday, Ryan. To us.
TOUCHDOWN! DeJuan Harris! Where have they been hiding this guy??? 24-17!!!
@MattBowen41 GB whipped DET with the run game that drive.
@bkshimada MM, great playcalling. Cobb. HUGE conversion
Huge….but the drive has stalled. Here comes Crosby. Jersey Al’s blood pressure must be through the roof. Mine is.
He made it! 27-20!!
@cjk590324 Ok if I really don’t look he makes it. No longer watching Crosby kick. #superstitous
@olbagofdonuts I once had a teacher use the term “it’s like turning a tanker truck in a sea of molasses.” That’s Crosby. But slowly, he’s doing it.
Let’s hope this continues. We need that young man to have a straight head going into the home stretch.

@jrehor The talent on the Lions is outweighed by the douchebaggery they play the game with. Lots of talent, not a lot of brains.
Amen. Thankfully.

@JGent41 Wheels falling off, Stafford? On your way out tonight, try that little dance again. Stick it hamster face!!
Intercepted!! Wheels completed fell off!!! Game over!
@RahimTariq Bless you, other NFC North quarterbacks. Bless you all.
Truth. Between Ponder, Cutler and Stafford, I don’t know which one is more fun to watch implode.
@Aaron_Nagler #FirstPlace
@jimrome Remember when the Lions jumped on the Packers 14-0 and it was going to be a blowout? Neither do I.
@RushRunner when they shake hands MM should hand him a couple 12 gauge slugs.
@olbagofdonuts Rodgers can launch a rainbow and MM can mime shooting at it.
@CCSO228 Bring on the teddy Bears! #winthedivision
@packers FINAL: Green Bay 27-Detroit Lions 20. Your Green Bay Packers are 9-4. #DETvsGB #Packers
@ilovemypackers Sleazy Schwartz take your ass home #SNF
@TCrabtree83 yay! #Packers #teamsports #snow #win
@N0tAaronRodgers I love winning

We all love winning. Keep it up, Packers.


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